May 12, 2017
Ruby's Chocolate and Vanilla Zebra Cake
Check out this delicious chocolate and vanilla zebra cake I made for Ruby's birthday party last weekend-it went down a storm!

January 21, 2017
Crop Up Gallery's 100 Heroes Exhibition
This was definitely one of my favourite cake projects to date! Nottingham's Crop Up Gallery commissioned me to design and build a giant cake sculpture for their '100 Heroes' Exhibition.

I decided that the most fitting cake design was the gallery's logo: a crop symbol. In the top and bottom sections of the cake I built in layers upon layers of red velvet cake. Then, in the right and left sides of the cake I incorporate mini cupboards- filled with red and purple cupcakes. It was really important for there to be an element of surprise and mystery to this cake.

April 20, 2016
SWEETSCAPE- An Edible Exhibition in The Taproom (Islington).
Something very exciting is happening in the world of Connie Viney Cakes- we're collaborating with the outrageously talented Pop Art Designer Rose Hill!

On Thursday evening we created an immersive sugar installation called 'SWEETSCAPE' in Islington's Taproom Gallery. We took inspiration from Pop Art, Alice in Wonderland and David Bowie's Labryinth and created a world where viewers could actually eat the artworks on display. Guests entered a psychedelic cake dreamscape that included 8 foot toadstools carved out of sugar, spectacle wearing lapdogs and a giant Gizzi Erksine!

Having the opportunity to work with Rose was truly amazing! Hopefully it will be the first of many exciting collaborations.

March 2, 2014
I'm very pleased to announce that Connie Viney Cakes has been invited to attend Rumpus Events' 'Twisted Toys and Bedtime Stories' at The Islington Metalworks this Friday (7th February). Rumpus parties are famous for their outlandish acts, alternative clientele and outlandish costumes. I've been asked to exhibit my eight foot 'walk-in' wedding cake which, as you can imagine, will fit in perfectly!

December 16, 2013
Tosca's Sweet Sixteen at the Dorchester
The wonderful Tosca turned sweet 16 this week and what better way to celebrate the birthday of the coolest kid in town than a 7 feet tall pink cake sculpture? I wanted to create something that would compliment the spectacular interior of the Dorchester- so for the last two weeks I've been working pretty much night and day to create this pink centrepiece.

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