December 6, 2012
Belling's Giant Birthday Cake, BBC Good Food Show, December 2012
I was asked by Belling (the main sponsors of the BBC Good Food Show) to design and build a giant cake to celebrate their 100th birthday. They wanted the cake to be interactive, so I incorporated a tweeting device- whenever anyone tweeted using the hashtag #100yearsbelling, their tweet was automatically printed onto edible paper and allowed to fall around the giant cake.

September 15, 2012
SUGARAMA Exhibition, The Vyner Street Gallery, London 2012
I transformed the Vyner Street Gallery into an edible wonderland called SUGARAMA. I wanted to create a multi-sensory immersive experience which incorporated sound, movement and lighting effects. Visitors could walk inside and eat the art work on display. I spent several months prior to the exhibition carving various shapes and forms out of icing. In the week prior to the show, I baked all the edible parts.

June 20, 2011
The Cake Shop, Edinburgh College of Art June 2011
I wanted to make a work which commented on 'the cupcake phenomenon' that appeared to be pervading Britain at the time of the exhibition. I converted one of the art college's storerooms into a cake shop, filled to the brim with creepy icing sculptures, stuffed animals and junk I'd found in scrap yards. With an overwhelming visual aesthetic and an invitation to eat the displays, I wanted to draw the viewer inside for a closer look- while at the same time testing to see how long this sense of intrigue would last for, before the tightly packed design of the room and sickly sweet smell of icing would lead to a hasty retreat.

December 23, 2009
The Twelve Days of Christmas Cake, Jenners Department Store, Edinburgh 2009
I was commissioned by The Edinburgh City Council to design and build an 'Alternative Christmas Decoration' as part of their Edinburgh Sparkles Marketing Campaign. I baked a seven feet tall fruit cake in the shape of a Christmas tree for Jenners Department Store. The project was named 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Cake' and city shoppers had the opportunity to eat a piece in the twelve days running up to Christmas.

October 3, 2009
Birthday Cake Exhibition, Wee Red Lounge, Edinburgh
To celebrate my 23rd birthday, I held a Birthday Cake Exhibition in The Wee Red Lounge in Edinburgh. Gallery visitors had the chance to eat the giant cake sculpture I had made in the weeks prior to the event. By the end of the evening the sculpture had been entirely eaten.

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